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Supreme Court Will Hear New Case Challenging Obamacare

Richard Wolf, USA Today WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court agreed Friday to consider a major new challenge to President Obama’s health care law. The decision to hear the case without waiting for a split among federal appeals courts represents a major victory for opponents, who had lost a unanimous verdict at the U.S. Court of […] Continue reading

Ready Your Workplace for Flu Season

From the Society for Human Resource Management 11 November 2014 Concern over the deadly Ebola virus making landfall in the U.S. has dominated news coverage to such a degree that the start of the more familiar but still highly disruptive flu season passed unnoticed. And if past years are any indication, this flu season is likely to […] Continue reading

Extending the Scope of Pharmacovigilance Comes at a Price

Pharmacovigilance controls are becoming firmly embedded in the European Union’s post-authorisation regulatory system with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) acting as the pivot for an EU-wide network of agencies monitoring medicines throughout their market lifespan. The new pharmacovigilance activities stemming from the EU legislation (1-3), the first stage of which was approved four years ago, […] Continue reading

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